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Immersion Consulting offers Active Directory services to clients in government, higher education and commercial enterprise. Immersion employs subject matter experts (SME's) with a real-world understanding of what it takes to manage complex and challenging Active Directory environments. With a focus on seeking to understand first, our experts take a process-oriented approach, leveraging their extensive Active Directory knowledge and experience to offer our clients solutions that greatly advance their mission. Whether it is an Active Directory consolidation, migration, upgrade, or identity management project, Immersion SME's possess the essential Active Directory skills that ensure your project's success.

  1. Migration & Consolidation
  2. Identity & Security
  3. Management & Automation

Expert Active Directory Migration & Consolidation Services

MOF-phases-PPTOur team of highly experienced and skilled Active Directory experts take a process-oriented approach when performing Active Directory Migrations & Consolidations. Using the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) in combination with our deep knowledge and real-world experience, we meticulously plan each step of your Active Directory migration and consolidation project. Our unique combination of experience, knowledge and our process-oriented approach helps to ensure your Active Directory Migration occurs with minimal impact on the enterprise.

Expert Migration & Consolidation Planning

Planning is a fundamental and essential first step in performing an efficient Active Directory Migration. Our clients benefit from our years of migration and consolidation experience in some of the most intense environments on the planet. Immersion's experts excel at creating a migration plan tailored to your environment and agreed upon end-state goals. We are able to identify issues that other consulting organizations with less experience. Once the migration plan is created, we rigorously test the plan against our assumptions and refine the plan on an iterative basis..

Expert Delivery

Performing the actual AD migration or AD consolidation is where the rubber meets the road. Due to Immersion's careful planning and testing of your migration plan, we are able to achieve the migration with near-zero-impact to your AD enterprise. Immersion is able to create a delivery scenario for AD migrations that supports co-existence between migrated and non-migrated entities.

Operations Expertise

Once migrated, we work with our clients to document and transfer our knowledge of the new environment. Immersion's experts also make recommendations for further improvement based on our findings. The end-state-goal, once a migration or consolidation is complete, is to hand over they keys to the new environment so that the client can manage the new environment on a go-forward basis with their existing operations and management staff.

Expert AD Management

Our clients typically manage their own Active Directory environments, and as such incorporate the Immersion plan into their daily operations. We do offer long-term Active Directory consulting experts who are available to your organization on an ongoing basis.

Product Agnostic Approach

Immersion Consulting is product agnostic. We have experience with many third party migration products that are often required for an efficient AD migration. We have deep experience with Active Directory migration tools including Quest Migration Manager for Active Directory (now part of Dell), Microsoft native tools and several other migration tool sets. We are more than happy to discuss and recommend the right tool for the job based on your environment.

Expert Active Directory Identity & Security Services

fotolia 53264957Active Directory (AD) is often central to an organization's identity, access and security infrastructure. Even if AD is not your central identity repository, AD still plays a significant and crucial role in most enterprise's user security posture. Every organization that employs Active Directory should have a well-defined and documented AD security policy. For those organizations seeking to leverage cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud based services such as Microsoft Azure, having an AD security plan that is reportable and enforceable is an essential component to your overall security infrastructure.

Active Directory Change Reporting & Forensics

A properly designed Active Directory change reporting and forensics plan is the cornerstone of a secure and efficient Active Directory enterprise. Many of our clients have Active Directory environments that manage hundreds of thousands objects and users and need to control the who, what, where and how in their AD enterprises. Implementing a proven change reporting and forensics process for AD is essential for security. Immersion's expert consultants help our clients design and implement effective Active Directory change reporting and forensics management systems and that greatly improve their security posture and enhance their operational efficiency. Immersion is expert at leveraging the Microsoft Server Platform and has extensive experience using tools such as Quest IntrustQuest Active Roles Server, Quest Change Auditor for Active Roles (Quest products now a part of Dell) and many other third party products.

Improved Active Directory Security Through Automation

Most organizations can improve the efficiency of managing their Active Directory Infrastructure by automating many tasks such as account creation, user provisioning, and assignment of various network resources. A well thought-out AD automation plan not only improves security, it also improves service to your end users and the organization's operational efficiency. Immersion helps clients create an effective and achievable Active Directory Automation plan that is focused on providing the largest return on investment with the least amount of work. By working with us, clients are able to implement AD automation techniques that save time, improve security and enhance end-user productivity.

Immersion's Team of Active Directory Experts

Even though many consider Immersion's Active Directory consultants experts, the reality is that we are in the continuous learning business. Our commitment to you is simple. When we work together, we commit to seek to understand first by listening and collaborating with you. We have learned that a solid plan built on achievable and agreed upon deliverables is our client/consultant mantra. We invite you to contact us to discuss how we can help you reach your Active Directory security goals.

Active Directory Management & Automation Solutions

Fotolia 47726080 XSCroppedThe management of Active Directory has grown in complexity and importance and for many organizations, day-to-day Active Directory management, operations and maintenance is overwhelming. IT organizations that want to stay ahead of the AD operations curve need to identify areas that can be automated and improved on a regular basis. Immersion Consulting's AD experts are adept at helping clients evaluate the current operational state of their Active Directory Enterprise, advising and implementing processes and tools that greatly improve the organization's operational efficiency in managing Active Directory. Efficient, automated, tested and well-documented processes not only provide a great return on investment, they help ensure quicker recovery from situations that could impact productivity.

AD Backup & Recovery

Our experts create and implement comprehensive Active Directory Backup & Recovery systems focused on two areas. First, they work to prevent situations before they can impact your AD Enterprise by implementing a more secure AD change management process and enforcing and reporting on documented policies; secondly they implement recovery tools such as Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory (now a part of Dell).  This two pronged approach enables our clients to prevent situations before they occur and recover Domain Controllers in the event of a disaster.

AD Audit & Reporting

An effective AD Audit & Reporting implementation prevents users from making unauthorized changes, tracks the changes that users do make, and allows for real-time and historical reporting of your Active Directory Enterprise. Immersion's experts are adept at creating and implementing effective AD Audit & Reporting systems that take your AD Enterprise to the next level of security and reliability.

AD User & Group Provisioning

Adding users, deleting users, and changing privileges and access levels are vitally important activities for every Active Directory administrator. Our expert AD consultants have years of experience in defining, implementing and training our clients on how to set up effective user group provisioning processes. Our SMEs provide the knowledge transfer that is necessary to manage and optimize your AD user and group provisioning system on an ongoing basis.

AD Diagnostic Monitoring

Most enterprises have implemented frameworks that enable network views of the health and performance of their network resources. Immersion helps organizations take enterprise monitoring to the next level by implementing systems that allow for deep diagnostic real-time monitoring of Active Directory. Effective AD diagnostic monitoring enables your organization to quickly identify problems before they impact users and aid in identifying the root cause of problems so administrators can quickly resolve issues.

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