Accounting Support

ImAccounting2mersion Consulting provides accounting support services to Federal agencies to improve the effectiveness and reliability of their financial accounting operations and policies. Immersion’s goal for our government clients is to strengthen their financial internal controls; reduce their operating costs; improve their financial policies and guidelines; and increase their confidence in their agency’s financial systems and data.

Accounting and Financial Operations Support

Government agencies are in constant need of meeting federal oversight budget requirements. Immersion’s support services assist agencies with these requirements. Immersion has extensive experience implementing and supporting funds control systems for the Federal government. Immersion’s accounting support services include:

Accounting Policies and Procedures

Well documented financial accounting policies and procedures are essential for organizations—especially government agencies—to operate effectively and efficiently. Immersion has significant experience in assisting government clients with financial and business processes documentation. We analyze our clients’ financial accounting operations and help them draft procedures that ensure their financial information is accurate and reliable for decision makers.

Business Process Improvement

Amid regulatory mandates and congressional oversight, government agencies face escalating pressures to reduce costs, yet at the same time, improve services. Immersion’s team of business process experts help our clients identify and implement business processes that improve their operations and achieve their business objects. Immersion offers clients a wide range of services based on our expertise, technology and project engagements. Immersion has provided business process improvement support to the following:

  • Bureau of Naval Personnel
  • OASN FM&C Office of Financial Operations
  • Selective Service System
  • Washington Headquarters Services

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