DTS Audit Readiness Services

Transportation of People (ToP) and Defense Travel Systems (DTS) Audit Readiness Services

Fotolia 36616191 XSImmersion Consulting has a long history of working with the Department of the Navy's Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Consolidated Card Program Management Division (CCPMD) in a variety of roles, from program management to operational and help desk support. This experience has given us a unique understanding of the processes, procedures and internal controls necessary to achieve FIP and FIAR Audit Readiness.

ToP Segment SBR Audit Readiness Success

Since 2010, Immersion personnel have helped to lead efforts within NAVSUP CCPMD to further the Navy's goal of achieving FIP and FIAR Statement of Budgetary Resources (SBR) Audit Readiness for the Transportation of People (ToP) segment, represented primarily by the Defense Travel System (DTS). Immersion has provided program management, functional analysis, training and operational support services that helped the Navy to improve implementation and usage rates, retire legacy systems and provide better management control of the financial and budgetary aspects of travel. We are pleased that our work in partnering with NAVSUP and other armed forces commands has influenced the positive result of the Transportation of People segment becoming one of the first Navy segments to achieve an unqualified opinion by an Independent Public Accounting (IPA) (March, 2013) for SBR Audit Readiness.

Program Management Expertise Leads to Improved Processes and Controls

Key elements in achieving Audit Readiness success for the ToP segment include ensuring that travel information is recorded timely, is valid and accurately recorded. Immersion supported the Navy in achieving these goals by providing advisory program management services that resulted in improved DTS processes. Our DTS professionals led the effort of implementing quality control standards, developed and deployed business rules and guidelines and created standard operating procedures for a number of Naval commands.

Business Process Improvements Support Accurate Recordation and Timely Payments

Immersion's personnel are experts in the development of business processes and in the use and deployment of business intelligence tools that assist the Navy in meeting the ToP SBR segment goal for travel costs being properly calculated and accurately processed and helping to ensure that travel obligations, expenses, accruals and disbursements are recorded timely, validly and accurately. Our support effort for the Navy DTS program have led to direct cost savings and major reductions in liquidation time-lines, delinquencies and interest charges to DFAS. Audit achievement highlights include improving a Headquarters Command from a baseline of 69% accuracy to a 95% accuracy rate and decreasing delinquencies to close to zero rates.

Centralized Billing of Accounts (CBA) Reconciliation, Systems Integration and Automation Improves FIAR Readiness

Our DTS experts developed report consolidation tools and processes to reflect the centralization of the travel program, integrating the analysis of DTS, CBA and IBA operations. These reports provide proactive data to trouble shoot issues and compress information flow with DTAS to resolve and standardize the travel program at the tactical level, supporting FIAR Audit Readiness Outcomes related to the timely review of obligations and accrual reviews and adjustments. Our familiarity with the system has enabled automating the integration between disparate command systems, representing over 10% of all Navy travel. Operational results have also accrued to our clients, with financial reconciliations resulting in the de-obligation of hundreds of thousands of dollars in commitments, returning scarce travel funds back to commands for reuse.

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