Life at Immersion

What's life like at Immersion?


  1. Rewarding
  2. Collegial
  3. Participative
  4. Supportive


Spend your time doing interesting, challenging work that solves problems and leads projects to success for the federal government. Serve clients the way you've always wanted to -- with integrity and objectivity.


Thrive in a firm of peers who are collaborative, not competitive. At Immersion, we respect each other's diverse skills and experiences, and we draw on them for the good of our clients. We enjoy the company of intelligent, interesting colleagues and clients -- company that often leads to valued friendships.


Put your full talents to work and make valued contributions to building the firm, shaping its future, and enjoying the journey as we continue to grow. At Immersion, you have the opportunity to act on your interests and passions.


Count on Immersion's consultants and leadership along with the collective wisdom of your peer network to help you excel on the job and find the work-life balance that you desire.

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