Immersion Careers

CareersSome of the most valued and accomplished consultants in the federal government work at Immersion - - and for good reason. We allow you to focus your energies on leading projects to success through personal and professional growth. Immersion carefully selects employees not just for their skills and experience, but also for their ability to grasp and manage the big picture.

Immersion employees typically have military, federal government and/or previous contractor experience. However, we are always looking for people who bring a fresh perspective to meet tomorrow's business challenges.  Immersion professionals bring impeccable professional qualifications, deep federal and commercial experience, and exemplary interpersonal skills to each engagement.

Immersion is committed to hiring veterans.  Many of our valued employees have served and protected our country in foreign wars and conflicts. Immersion honors them and they have contributed greatly our company's continued growth.

What distinguishes Immersion?


Every employee at Immersion is outstanding. Immersion succeeds not in numbers, but in our quality talent, experience and attitude.Immersion's business is people and to provide exceptional service, each Immersion professional must deliver superior value. Immersion constantly works to grow, nurture and promote our talent. Our talent assets integrate high tech expertise with decades of professional and military experience and perspective.

Long-Term Professional Growth

Immersion is proud to have one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the industry. Immersion invests heavily in professional growth and development, which in turn increases employee retention and adds value for clients and partners. When our employees succeed, Immersion succeeds. We offer our clients a reliable, exceptional team that they can depend on throughout their project engagement.  

Force Multipliers

Immersion's key professionals are selected specifically for the ability to work across all levels of an organization - - helping to shape policy at the executive level, ironing out the kinks with managers and rolling up their sleeves with people at every level. Clients appreciate this larger perspective because it turns every Immersion consultant into a "force multiplier" delivering exponential value beyond the impact of their daily work hours. 

Diverse, Engaging Projects

Where can you test your knowledge, utilize your expertise and explore your curiosity on a daily basis? Immersion provides the opportunities to learn new things while leveraging your past experiences.



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